Hello! Trust you’ve being great. So today, we will try to figure out why people in loving relationships cheat. There are myriad of reasons why people get into relationships and often times than not, they are out of it as soon as they are in. I will share my thoughts on what causes infidelity and how it causes it.
So to begin with, what is cheating in relationship? Cheating is when an individual whether male or female violates the romantic and sexual boundaries – general and specific – outside the knowledge of the other partner. Let’s be clear that its very different from polygamy, polyamory and the likes.

1. Haste: the first and very important factor is people rush into this relationship thing. Once they see the beautiful face, hour-glass shape, the thick beard or sporty physique as the case maybe, a lot of individuals are immediately swooned and carried away. Don’t get me wrong, they are important factors, but a lot more matters in relationships than physical appearance.

2. Satisfaction: you must have heard the statement “human wants are insatiable” somewhere. An individual’s satisfaction is also very important. Once a person in a relationship is not getting what he expects, chances are he will find elsewhere to get it. And to be honest, even if he gets what he expects, there are chances he would still want more. It might be money, it might be affection, and it might be time.

3. Desire: as subtle as this might be, there are just some people who no matter how much they have, they will still want more. Some people think they get more if they engage in multiple relationships. They may think they have better options. And in some cases, both parties are aware and are fine by it, only which in this case, we can’t really call it cheating again – can we? This is the twenty-first century; a lot of things are going on.

4. Personality: your personality and your partner’s personality is a notable contributor to how your relationship proceeds. Remember in the first bullet, I said haste is a very important factor. Now a person who goes into a relationship, but then discovers that some characters of his partner cannot be tolerated – his mastication is disgusting, he uses the toilet all wrong, he snores – all in all, corrections seems impossible. It might seem rather weird but then think about it, there are over seven billion people in the world, weird things are bound to happen.

5. Environment: believe it or not, a person’s surroundings, his community, his peers, his family all have their own role to play on his fidelity. Some group of friends think it’s not okay if you’re committed to a single partner especially when marriage is not involved.

All these and many more reasons are why people cruise in and out of relationships, people get heartbroken, some live with their partner’s infidelity, some move on – learning from their experience, some are sucked into the abyss of sadness, some take it to a violent level, some seek medical and therapeutic help, and some take legal actions. All of these should make you think: “is your boo really your boo”?

So what do you think? Why did your partner cheat on you? Why did you cheat on your partner? Why do you think people do this? If it happened to you, how would you handle the situation? Get into the box and share your thoughts.