“Do you know how many events and choices that occurred since the inception of the universe just to create you, just the way you are?”

                 ~An excerpt from the movie, A wrinkle in Time.


I should have an older one, sadly s/he turned out to be a stillborn.

Madam, I’m sorry. The lifeless foetus is stuck in one of your fallopian tubes. It’s really bad ma. We’ll need to cut the tube and evacuate…

I honestly don’t know how the doctor presented this heatwrecking news to a woman who the world had tagged barren for years… but that’s what I imagined the doctor telling my mum that year.

Following this sad event, if any baby was to come forth , It’d have to be conceived with one fallopian tube. Odds aiye!

Voila! Against all odds, I was conceived a year after.

In order to avoid stories that touched again, as the Adeoyes had been waiting for years for this new member, I was forced out on the 24th November, 1993, which was 6 weeks earlier than usual births.

Tiny, helpless, immature me had to be incubated and nurtured to term for weeks.

As if that was not enough, the odds of my survival increased, I had jaundice in the course of incubation. I sha survived sha.

Following the treatment, I had persistent itchy blood-red eyes till I clocked ten because of the radiation.
You see, that’s not the story.
This is it.

I grew up with the burning desire to explore my whole being. I just knew there’s more to life than what my environment; Nigeria could afford or offer. So, I started reading voraciously; Philosophy, Psychology, Astronomy, Science, History, Biographies, etc.

I said very little, observed behaviours and patterns mostly… I saw movies based on truelife events, interviews, documentaries, etc.

I wanted to know how things worked so I neither settled for school curriculums nor Sunday schools’.

And to what end?

To liberate myself and other lives in extension hence, the birth of Rhodetails.
I honestly had no idea of what I was doing back then.

I just wanted to live my life to the fullest.

Most of the time I ended up very confused because it felt as though my life was in chaos.

One of the greatest challenge was the fact that my academic path couldn’t accommodate my creativity and being.

The path has been generally tortuous, I must confess. I had to start learning how to live in systems at least for a while. Usually, I am team No boundaries.

So, back to the idea behind Rhodetails,
I understand that a human being can only operate on his or her level of exposure and the greatest problem of the world is Ignorance.

It is very convenient to be nonchalant about life and irresponsible, I mean just blindly floating through life. It’s no wonder there are many people just existing that is, just taking every day as it comes in an autopilot mode, with no initiative that they can be in control, no matter the circumstance.
That, my friend is my pain.

Nothing gives me more joy than liberating minds through sharing real life stories and narratives in form of writings and visuals and I’m glad with how far we’ve come.

Rhodetails so far compiles biographies; presents and discusses lifestories; reviews scripts and autobiographies. We are looking forward to writing and publishing books, creating videos and visuals, visiting schools and organisations so individuals can see life from a bigger and wider perspective.

The core of greatness in any nation is raising openminded individuals. Individuals who are responsible for themselves, by themselves and in extension to the world; people whose minds are not enslaved by obnoxious ideologies and philosophies.

The journey has been sinusoidal, I must confess. I’m learning by doing everyday how to fulfill the highest, truest expression of myself in this body. There are so many stories to tell, too many failures to count…
The most important thing is to keep learning.

Thinking about my life over the past 12 months, I’m full of gratitude.
Here are two of the lessons I have been learning this year,

The best way to live in your twenties is to explore!

Learn to see yourself through your own eyes and love yourself through your own heart.

Awesome Relationships

I’m grateful for life, family, friends, Rhodetails, The Blueprint, Planet Nest, Tintom Clothiers, UMA, AnnG Style House, JennyWren Signatures, AIESEC, Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation, Trust Africa, Ford Foundation, Nigerians, OAU Pharmacy, Oprah, Trevor Noah, Barack Obama, YouTube, coconut oil, Burna boy, Bazzi, Teni, Jon Bellion, Imagine Dragons, life transforming books, opportunities, experiences, adventures and most importantly, this moment.

I can’t help but mention some wonderful people in my life;
Tomide Adeoye, Rasheedat Agboola , Uduebor Micheal, Ndedigwe Obianuju, Ayeni-Segun Lademi , Joan Oghie, Mofesola Paul, Tomide Oladipo, Olaniyan Tinuola, Kitan David, Ayodele-Oja Maryam, Ken Amoah, Olakanmi Grace Anjola, Abdulsalam Abdulsamad, Thomas Opeyemi, Bankole Dunsin, Ademuyiwa Omotara, Jongbo Bukola, McQueen Pius, Balogun Boluwatife, Juwon Janet, Ahmed Samuel, Ajongolo Olamide, Adigun Olaitan, Familoye Bukunmi…

I am touched by your existence and I am eternally grateful for all you do and don’t do.

As regards this November 24th, I want all the love in the world… surprise visits, gifts, cash, any expression of love you can think of.

Kindly let me know if you’ll be able to make it down on Saturday (Chat, chill, dance and connect sessions…)

I am very open to receiving thoughtful gifts however, If you don’t know what to get, kindly send me a message.
It is an honour to share this space in time with you all.
With all the love in my heart, I say thank you!

Cheers! To consciousness and living life to the fullest.