The first line of the introduction, “Our life trajectories seem different but there is a thread that links your story to another person’s story”, is a truism further buttressed by the diversely written retrospective notes of the young Nigerian trailblazers in this book. In this treasure trove lie insights and wisdom for everyone, young and old. The dynamic style with which the contributors pen their experiences offers readers a unique perspective to vision, goal-setting and daily living.

While Peace Itimi‘s self-fulfilling prophecy gives hope to many people whose lives are a sheer replica of the same experiences, Tunji Ogunoye and Yinka Adewale speak of a deeply essential fabric of human life: relationships. Tunji puts it aptly: People are everything. Although that is true, Eketi Edima Ette, through her delicately woven words shows us how we must save ourselves from people— the Annas of this world who may want to strip us of every modicum of self-esteem and self-love.

Of a truth, habits make a man. Little wonder we find in adulthood the vestiges of our childhood idiosyncrasies, as they mold our character and guide our actions. I bet a younger Victor Fatanmi would have saved more consistently and decisively, and given more liberally and cheerfully. Probably writing from experience, he offers some relationship advice to his younger self,

Do not invest too much in loving a girl or building castles in her mind. You don’t have what it takes to fulfil your word yet.

Victor Fatanmi

He also shares with us a mantra for daily living: You have the time . . . Don’t be in any hurry but take a step in the right direction every day. I think this —the ability to live in the present while pursuing the future— is profound and golden.

Joke Adekunle‘s words are like lightbulbs, they charge you up to your higher self. I find this most striking, “Be fluid like water. What drives and excites you today may not tomorrow and that’s okay, feel free to follow the thing that drives curiosity about the world around you”. Not everyone is lucky enough to identify and follow their drive. It should be our lifelong pursuit.

“There is no such thing as over-ambition.” That line was everything I needed to be reminded of. Sage Ayansola incandescently pens The 7 Sage Commandments, a valuable guide for every person. I shall be obeying the sagacious commandments for life.

Without a doubt, it is a blessing to walk through the minds of these young changemakers. They have given us a priceless memento. I hope that as you pore over every line therein, you will find your own way. And chart it with boldness. I hope that their notes will call out to you, so that when you eventually find the courage to write to your younger self, the retrospection will cast your life and actions in a favourable light. Yinka Adewale‘s words still ring loud, “Be your own individual. It does pay”. I hope these words resonate with you now and always.

Taiwo Olawehinmi (TeewohFire)

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