I am not a fan of a lot of motivational speakers. This is largely due to the fact that considering the volume of things we do not understand and the number of variables, it is almost fraudulent to make any claims of expertise when the subject matter is life. However, Rhodetails offers a way out in the new piece of work, ‘Note To Younger Self.’
By curating messages from 11 young people to their younger selves, Rhodetails dares to create what you could almost call a life manual for teenagers and young adults.

Interestingly, just like life itself, the manual soon becomes a dilemma in the hands of a reader. For instance, where Ini Oluwa writes to his younger self, “…It is your responsibility to be wayward“, reiterating the need to defy some social constructs in his growth journey, Yinka Adewale advises his younger self to explore more conservative ways, especially in handling conflict. He writes, “In dealing with relationships, especially older people or bosses, don’t try to always be right.
Again, in writing to his younger self, Abiola AA describes, “I am still battling the demons you fought, still chasing the dreams we had…“, confessing to a major similarity between the person he was and the person he is. This, however, is not the case with Eketi Edima Ette, who confesses to having overcome some of the demons her 12-year old self faced.

All these reiterate the age-long perception that ultimately, everybody’s reality is unique.

This concept extends to even the readers of this beautiful piece of work, as while the authors have addressed these notes to younger versions of themselves, the realities of time and space make it impossible to deliver these messages to their original recipients. Making the little pieces of the original recipients in the readers the practical audience.

Another beautiful feature of the book is its candour. While some of the authors try to predict how things might have gone differently if they had done some things differently, most still acknowledge the fact that they are still in the journey of figuring out life. A journey that seemingly never really ends.

In conclusion, ‘Note To Younger Self’ is highly recommended for teenagers and young adults, not because it is the perfect guide for a perfect life, but for the pivotal role it plays in helping its readers stand on the shoulders of not just one, but eleven giants.

‘Joba Ojelabi (Marketing Communications Professional)

July 2020.