Rhodetails did a great job in compiling eleven young adults with different stories but similar patterns to their younger selves. Just that we all know that this is not really for their younger self. It is for you and me. 

Inioluwa confronts his childhood beliefs on religion and God in one of the humorous ways ever. His paradoxical advice to be wayward encourages his younger self to go all out of his conservative self. Joke shares the same sentiments as she urges her younger self to take more risks.

Tunji and Yinka emphasize the importance of relationships and people. In Tunji’s words, “People are everything… Have genuine interest and love for people”. 

The part where Yinka shares the story about leaving 100 missed calls for a CEO literally blew my mind. Considering the fact that I give up on number 5 or even 4. The tenacity and the art of never giving up was something he shares with Seun and Peace.

Eketi’s excellent narration of her twelve-year-old incident on bullying reminds us of how we magnify problems people/life throw at us. But we would realize that in the grand scheme of things they are not as magnificent as we thought them to be. 

Her final words were ‘…banish those memories forever.  … the Annas (annas is a representation of bullies) of this world will never hurt you or put you in bondage again.

Conversely, I love the honest acceptance by Abiola that some demons never really go as you get older and the promise to keep fighting. You know those things you thought you would grow out of but you haven’t or those milestones you set to achieve but haven’t. He reminds me of patience and process and loving yourself through it all.

In conclusion, I think that this book is for everyone; young adults, teenagers, or even adults. 

Teenagers because the characters can be role models for them. 

Young adults probably need it the most because ‘adulting’ seems like an unknown and rugged terrain.

And Adults because you suddenly feel a need to stop for a moment and reflect on your life (which I think everyone should do from time to time).

This is not a life manual; I would rather treat it as a love letter from siblings. Something to read when you feel life coming at you in incomprehensible ways.

Bukunmi Familoye

I promise that you will find yourself in at least one of these stories. You will learn, laugh, and sigh. But above all, you will be strengthened to do more.

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