A 20-year-old, Venmak Agboola alias Dj Venum is taking the bull by the horn. This bull is a big one, a Guinness World Record Attempt: The longest playing DJ, 15days(August 1st-15th).

He started on the 1st of August, 2018. If you didn’t skip maths class, you’ll know that he’s 10days in today and he’s still rolling the round stuff rhythmically at O2 Base, Akure, Ondo State.

The Record holder, DJ Neo played for 14days. Venum has 5 days left and unlike his predecessors, he has added a little icing.He’s raising a million book donations alongside.

The rule of the contest allows him 5 Minutes break every hour to pee and do everyday normal human stuff

Rhodetails sensed this amazing DJ and had to reach out to him!

Here are the ten things you need to know about the Nigerian-born DJ…



A Fling-Back

I was Born in Jos, Nigeria. February 11th, 1998.
Early childhood was spent majorly in northern Nigeria shuttling between Plateau State, Bauchi State and The Federal Capital Territory.
I started Secondary school education in my home town, Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State in Nigeria and was later offered an admission into the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria in 2014 to study Ecotourism and Wildlife Management.



Venmak in Secondary School


What spurred the idea of the Guinness World Records contest?
I have always loved music as a kid, with my dad exposing me to a lot of it in its various forms, locally and internationally.
I came across the world records when I was a lot younger; watched shows and read the books a few times. Then, I found out that I could easily make a submission. I tried it out about two years ago and here we are now.


Great! Why DJ?
I considered a career in music around the end of my secondary school days. I used to be a die hard fan of a few foreign rappers such as Drake, Eminem and Lil Wayne. It was much later I started to consider being a Disk jockey.
I started early in the University, having got in contact with secondary school mates who were making it big.


When did you start out?
Early 2015.


Heard something about giving books to children in the rural communities … What’s that about?
The importance of books to learning and education in both formal and informal systems can never be overemphasized. Many Nigerian children today lack access to such basic necessities because of their economic situations.

I will like to use this project to reach out to people that have access to such materials beyond their current situation of requirements. Some of us still have books that we or other members of our families have used in the past.
These books can just be a blessing to the lives of some children in the rural communities targeted by the donation of the project.


What do you hope to achieve by breaking this record?
While breaking the record, I intend to build my brand as a youth with a passion for social entertainment as well as positive society development.
I will love to work on continuous book donation activities after the world record attempt so as to continue to be a blessing to the remote and ignored members of the society.


How has it been so far? This is day 10, yeah?
So far, the event has been massive, learning lessons up on till the last minute. At many points, I didn’t have the capability to go on and I learnt to share ideas; ask for support from those around.
You never know how much they could offer!


DJ Venum and one of his supporters


How do you feel about the contest?

I feel that getting a world record is a really crazy thing to do, but in the kind of society we have found ourselves, we need more youths doing the unexpected and the bizarre because those are the things that often matter most.


Thank you!



We hope this piece inspires you to raise the bars on your dreams and bless the world by giving back to the society.


Thanks DJ Venum for sharing your inspiring story with us. The 15th is upon us!

To support DJ Venum, kindly follow his activities on InstagramĀ  @iamvenomag

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