I have accepted every stage of my life as it comes. I wouldn’t change anything about my life. I wouldn’t change aging and that’s not because people say I am aging gracefully.

I think everything that life gives to you, you should use. We all know we are going to die.
I am 75 years old, I don’t feel 75. It’s another day and it’s a journey. I am going on.

While you’re aging, you should live.

The thing about aging is that all your assets are diminishing bit by bit, but that is what it’s really about.

If you lose enthusiasm for life, you are going to lose energy.

There’s so much out there that’s neither edifying nor encouraging to keep you going.
But that’s what’s going on out there. What matters most is what is going on in your mind. It’s all about your own consciousness of what is happening and how you perceive the world.
If you follow the status quo as regards what to do at every point in your life then you are never going to get out of bed. But if you carry on doing what you’re doing, carry on giving, you’ll be getting.
You have a voice in your head, the day you stop listening to it, it will abandon you. I never knew what it meant then but I knew that my mother said we should listen to our inner voice.

Now, my instinct is so perfected (I am still working on it) and accurate that if I say I’ll do a show and I don’t know why I’m doing it and there may be all sort of odds stacked against it, I’ll do it. And it always turns out great. So I never question anything, I go with my Instincts.

Never second-guess the God in you.

Oh! We also have the devil talking to us too. But all those things that make us doubt and make us think we are making sense, that’s the devil in us and that’s what most of us listen to.
The voice that says “go for it” without any reason with so many odds stacked against it, that’s the voice you should listen to.

Lifestory by Taiwo Ajai-Lycett.
Culled from Kemi Adetiba’s KingWomen