Starting can be the hardest part, trust me, I know. Day 1 at the gym was HARD! It was not only physically challenging but mentally challenging as well.

I felt embarrassed, angry, and wanted to quit 5 minutes in. It was hard, and I did not feel like I could do it. I felt defeated. But I never gave up.

Here I am, now 350 pounds lighter but still the same girl, laying in the exact same spot at the gym, and now, more determined than ever to continue to be better, stronger, healthier and to continue living my life- a life I almost lost due to my weight many years ago.

Sometimes we don’t want to try something because we are afraid to fail. We doubt ourselves before we even try and think, it’s is better not to even try that way we do not fail.

But what I say is, how will you ever know what you are capable of if you never try!

That same girl who was laying on that grass, out of breathe, defeated, all red in the face and ready to quit…what would have happened if she never stood back up and kept fighting? That is something I never want to think about! If you keep trying, and if you keep standing back up, and trying your best, then you can never really fail. I was able to stand back up and keep fighting…and you know what? No matter what you are going through I know that you can stand back up and keep fighting too!

Story by Jacqueline Adan